Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The First Well-structured Green Data Centre Trainings in Hong Kong

Get ready to become a data centre energy specialist and prepare for an international data centre award in energy efficiency - CEEDA

Today, many organizations are looking for new ways of doing more with less, reducing IT budgets or curtailing the incidental costs associated with data center expansions. And data center managers need to focus on creating efficient operating environments to augment the life of existing data centers. Data center efficiencies can be attained through increasing compute densities, creating cold aisle containment systems or more effective use of outside air, but the key component over time is to have an easily understood metric to gauge data center efficiency, and how much improvement is taking place.

StrategicMedia Asia (SMA) provides any data centre and IT professionals with top level understanding of best practices in energy efficient data centre management from a series of 3 accredited certificate courses and training seminars (below) which focus on international green standard, financial and regulatory, facilities management, hardware management and software / system networks of Data Centre.

 Data Centre Facility and Infrastructure Engineering

The section is fundamental for executive and data centre owners, managers and operators to enrich their basic knowledge beyond the industry jargons and terminology. We provide a general introduction of the critical infrastructure system that supports typical Data Centres and environments. It also prepares you to fully understand the main components that facilitate Data Centre design & build, operation and management.

Green IT

The training provides a fundamental qualification for ICT engineers who are involved in creating sustainable and energy efficient data centre or exploiting the role of IT in helping deliver sustainable ICT operation and more efficient business practices to other areas of the organization. It also introduces different Green Standards such as ISO 14000 Series (Energy Measurement), Energy Star and PUE / DCiE (From The Green Grid).

Energy and Cost Management in Data Centre

This section explicitly deals with an organization's strategy as it relates to the effective use of energy by software, ICT systems and support infrastructure (mechanical and electrical systems) within the data centre. It will impart an understanding of the use and cost of energy in data centres with an appreciation of the contributing factors, awareness of best practices at a high-level and strategies to control and manage energy consumption and cost in data centres. Key area include:

Cost & Energy Monitoring and Reporting in Data Centre
How to Manage Energy and Cost
Interdisciplinary Teams’ Interactions and Communications
Energy Management and Energy Performance Efficiency
Efficiency Metrics
Reporting Energy and Carbon e.g. for CRC
Reporting Cost - The challenge of per cost accounting
The Roles for -
Estate Management, Facilities Management, Data Centre Manager,
IT Management, IT Analysts, Business Management

EU Code of Conduct in Data Centre

The training will impart an understanding of the purpose of the EU Code of Conduct and how to apply the Code's best practices at a high-level as well as helping you to develop a common language around energy efficiency. Key area include:

The reason of implementing best practice in the Code of Conduct
The bodies who use the EU Code of Conduct
Energy Measurement and Metrics
Best Practice - Interactions and Interdependencies
Best Practice - In detail

- Data Centre Utilization, Management and Planning
- IT Equipment and Services
- Cooling
- Data Centre Power Equipment
- Other Data Centre Equipment
- Data Centre Building
- Monitoring
- Practices to become minimum expected
- Items under consideration
Completion of the above four critical trainings equips you and your team and data centre to apply for Certified Energy Efficient Datacentre Award (CEEDA, www.ceeda-award.org) which is an international data centre award in Data Centre Energy Efficiency.

The Training Schedule and Registration Detail

For more detailed information, please contact

T (852) 3796 3026
F (852) 2184 9978
E info @ stmedia-asia.com

Room 1303, Leighton Centre, 77 Leighton Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


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