Saturday, December 3, 2011

Green Data Centre Best Practices Translated into Energy and Cost Saving

Data Centres come in different sizes - whether it's four servers in a closet or hundreds of servers in a building - they provide mission critical functions for most businesses. Meanwhile, Data Centres consume large amounts of energy and require the investment of significant financial resources to continue operations. In recent years, the Data Centre management professionals have begun to focus on ways to minimize energy consumption and overcome emission challenges. More importantly, the findings tell us that sustainable practices can be translated into financial savings.

Strategic Media Asia (SMA) is vendor independent and professional training provider, which is currently accredited by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, in green data centre qualifications in Hong Kong. The green program provides you with top level understanding of best practices in energy efficient data centre management from a series of 3 accredited certificate courses and training seminars which focus on international green standard, financial and regulatory, facilities management, hardware management and software / system networks of Data Centre.

(1) Green IT (3-day, accredited by British Computer Society)
(2) EU Code of Conduct in Data Centre (2-day, accredited by British Computer Society)
(3) Energy and Cost Management in Data Centre (3-day, accredited by British Computer Society)

PLUS 2-day training seminar on "Fundamentals of Data Centre Facility and Infrastructure Engineering" organized by SMA at the beginning of 3 certificate courses.

The Green Data Centre Training Framework

Completion of the accredited courses and examinations will be awarded 3 certificates granted by BCS:

Foundation Certificate in Green IT
Intermediate Certificate in EU Code of Conduct in Data Centre
Intermediate Certificate in Energy & Cost Management in Data Centre

The 3 certificates equips you and your team and data centre to apply for
Certified Energy Efficient Datacentre Award (CEEDA)

SMA aim at teaching several aspects: (1) Data centre utilization (2) Data Centre Facility (3) Cooling (4) Power equipment (5) Data centre building (6) Monitoring. Each unit is principally assessed by examinations that lead you through all the steps needed to arrive at a baseline of a modern green data centre and energy saving.