Monday, December 19, 2011

Increase in Power Bill Raise The Importance of Energy Efficient Data Center

In Hong Kong, China Light and Power (CLP) has asked the government for permission to raise the Power Bill by 9.2 percent next year in 2012, whereas Hongkong Electric (HKE) demanded a 2.64 to 6.08 percent fee hike. The increases requested by both power companies far exceed the rate of inflation. They will add considerably living expenses to residental customers and operation costs to businesses which require large amount of power and energy consumptions.

Adopted from South China Morning Post (SCMP)

Data centers, which come in different sizes and provide mission critical functions for most businesses, consume large amounts of energy and require many investments of significant financial resources to continue operations. Despite of the high demand of data centre in Hong Kong, many organizations are looking for new ways of doing more with less, reducing IT budgets or curtailing the incidental costs associated with data center operations and even expansion.

Saving Energy Consumption and Power Bill

Data center efficiencies can be attained through increasing compute densities, creating cold aisle containment systems or more effective use of outside air, but the key component over time is to have an easily understood metric to gauge data center efficiency, and how much improvement is taking place.

Strategic Media Asia (SMA), which is vendor independent and accredited by British computer Society (BCs), provides data centre and IT professionals with top level understanding of best practices in energy efficient data centre from a series of certificate courses and training seminars focusing on international green standard, financial and regulatory, facilities management, hardware management and software / system networks of Data Centre.
Completion of the accredited courses and examinations will be awarded 3 certificates granted by BCS:

Foundation Certificate in Green IT
Intermediate Certificate in EU Code of Conduct in Data Centre
Intermediate Certificate in Energy & Cost Management in Data Centre

The 3 certificates equips you and your team and data centre to apply for
Certified Energy Efficient Datacentre Award (CEEDA)

We aim at teaching several aspects: (1) Data Centre Utilization (2) Data Centre Facilities (3) Cooling (4) Power Equipment (5) Data Centre Cost Savings (6) Monitoring. Each unit is principally assessed by examinations that lead you through all the steps needed to arrive at a baseline of a modern green data centre and energy saving.

Furthermore, we bring you a unique opportunity to learn from our lecturers and apply the knowledge immediately to your own facility with assistance from our experts. An additional on-site audit services for your own data centre with full audit report can help you achieving the criteria of best practice design and energy efficient in data centre after the series of training programmes.

Target Audience

Data Centre and Facilities Managers
Data Centre Operators
Data Centre Design Consultants
Data Centre Technicians and Engineers
Sales Engineers from OEM Vendors
CSR / Environmental Champions in technology departments
IT Purchasers (Hardware & Software)
IT Architects and Solution Consultants

For more information, please contact (852) 3796 3026 or download our Training Event's Brochure.

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