Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Modular Data Centers Make Business and Environmental Sense

Pre-engineered and prefabricated data centers now make environmental and economic sense, according a report by environmental IT research consortium The Green Grid.

According to Deploying and Using Containerized/Modular Data Center Facilities, this new modular approach to the construction and deployment of a data centers can be rapidly deployed, have lower operating and capital costs, and be equipped with higher density and energy-savings targets than those data centers built using traditional methods.

As such buildings are pre-designed with energy efficiency in mind they often come equipped with a host of energy and money saving features, the report says. For instance, pre-fabricated data centers often have their heat loads closer to their cooling coils and are designed to handle wider temperature and humidity bands than other data centers, according to the report.

As modular data centers can be constructed faster than traditional ones, upfront capital costs can be reduced as well. Rather than build a center designed to handle whatever capacity may be needed in the future, companies using prefabricated data centers can expand the facility as and when increased capacity is required, the report says.

In October, it emerged that Allianz Global Investors of America was using IO’s IO Anywhere modular data center system.

Allianz said that by using the system it hoped to avoid the upfront commitment of a multiple megawatt power plan, resulting in significant operating and capital expense savings.

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