Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Registered Communications Distribution Designer RCDD

We are pleased to announce a prestige international qualification, Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), accredited by US Building Industry Consulting Services International (BICSI) for structured cabling system design is now available in Hong Kong.

Further to the Critical Facilities Design Courses - Data Center and Electrical and Air Conditioning System, the RCDD credential program (DD102: Designing Telecommunications Distribution System) is an intensive 5-day core training which details about designing telecommunications spaces and horizontal and backbone distribution systems:

Design Basics - Recommended design sequence, cabling infrastructure layout, terms & definitions, overview of standards & codes.

Designing Telecommunications Rooms - Determining type number & size according to usable floor space, specifying power, lighting & floor loadings.

Designing Horizontal Distribution Systems - Pathway sizing & routing considerations. Design rules for under-floor duct, cellular floors, conduit, & access floors. Use of ceiling distribution including ceiling zones method. Application exercises; design of under-floor conduit system & comparison with overhead plenum rated method. Specifying copper & fibre optic cabling complete with documentation methods. Examples of cable management during installation & cross connection. Installation sequence for zoned systems.

Designing Backbone Systems - Backbone design & planning, media selection options (copper versus fibre), colour codes, backbone pathways & spaces, sleeves, slots & conduits, planning & designing cable pull boxes, fire stopping, campus backbone design.

Designing Equipment Rooms - Electrical power requirements & distribution, environmental, space & structural requirements, electrical ground & bonding. Application exercise: equipment room sizing & location.

Designing Entrance Rooms - Calculating total space requirements, types of terminations & hardware, electrical protection, network demarcation. Application exercise: entrance facility case study.

RCDDs are required to demonstrate proficiency across a wide range of areas within structured cabling systems, including network, outside plant, wireless and electronic safety and security design, data centers and building automation systems (BAS).

The expanded knowledge enables the RCDD to advise the owner/end user of the appropriate IT, AV and security requirements. The RCDD has learned to perform the design tasks related to these systems, including construction drawings and specifications.

You are cordially invited to join the 5-day RCDD credential program in Hong Kong. For program details, exam criteria and application, please visit

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