Thursday, December 1, 2016

Project Management for Mission-Critical Facilities from Design to Commissioning

2-day Advanced Training in Project Management for Mission-Critical Facilities from Design to Commissioning

Building, upgrading or relocating new data centers / mission-critical facilities requires extensive coordination. Project management team shall ensure all components come together smoothly. It is typically fast track from design and planning to testing and commissioning.

Further to the comprehensive training in electrical and air conditioning systems design for data center and mission-critical infrastructure, we are going to introduce a specialized course which highlights the oversights required by a project management team who directs the manufacturing, the outfitting and the preparation for a data center / computer room while simultaneously oversees site work, infrastructure for facility, utility installation and facilitate IT installations.

This is an advanced 2-day training details about how to structure the project management activities with a common language (for data center and mission-critical purposes), avoid cost increment, responsibility gaps and duplication of effort and achieve an efficient process with a predictable outcome.

Most importantly, the course outlines how to meet the project goal and SLA (Service Level Agreement) before, during and after completion of the project defined by the owner.

Day 1

  • Reviewing the Project Management Basics
         - Planning and Programming a Successful Project for Mission-critical Purposes
         - Managing a Project on Time, Cost and Quality

  • Contract Management for Data Center Design and Build
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Liaising with Clients (Facility Owners, Project Owners, etc.)
  • Liaising with Stakeholders
  • Liaising with Design Consultants / Architect

Day 2

  • Managing Facilities / Services Suppliers
  • Managing Contractors
  • Assessing the Project Progression and Status Meetings
  • Conflicts Management
  • Change Management and Accommodation
  • Project Handover, Testing and Commissioning
  • Cases Study

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About the Course Organizer

Strategic Media Asia (SMA) is one of the approved CPD course providers of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) UK. The team exists to provide an interactive environment and opportunities for members of ICT industry and facilities' engineers to exchange professional views and experience.

SMA connects IT, Facilities and Design. For the Data Center Consideration Series, please visit 

(1) Site Selection,
(2) Space Planning,
(3) Cooling,
(4) Redundancy,
(5) Fire Suppression,
(6) Meet Me Rooms,
(7) UPS Selection, and
(8) Raised Floor

All topics focus on key components and give technical advice and recommendations for designing a data center and critical facilities.