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Data Center Site Tour / Technical Visit

Data Center Site Tour / Technical Visit
Data Center Site Tour
Sponsored by KDDI Hong Kong Limited (


Strategic Media Asia (SMA) is pleased to announce that a Data Center Site Tour, organized by KDDI Hong Kong Limited (KDDI), will serve for individuals who successfully attend the training seminars in Data Center Facilities and HVAC Design.

Per normal practices, site tour only reserves for data center its own customers and will not open to the public. Therefore, it is definitely a rare chance for the selected participants from our Training Seminars to visit a world-class Tier 3+ purpose-built data center facility in Hong Kong.

For whoever who are interested in data center business and cooperation, SMA and KDDI will provide extra support to those companies in order to maintain the customers' satisfaction.

KDDI Hong Kong Limited

KDDI Corporation is a Fortune Global 500 companies and Top 10 Telecom Company in the World as of 2012.

Subsidiary company, KDDI Hong Kong was established in Hong Kong in 1988 and has over 20 years of experience in providing the One Stop Information Communications Technology (ICT) Solution to enterprises in Hong Kong such as providing Data Center Services, Content Delivery Acceleration (CDN), end-to-end Global Network, quality ICT Solutions and System Integration.

Through collaborative partnerships, KDDI has built up with telecommunications companies around the world in order to provide both a wide service area with high service quality. KDDI's backbone is a high-capacity fiber network that weaves the world together and its TELEHOUSE, which is an established global data center brand over the world.

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Telehouse Hong Kong CCC

TELEHOUSE HONG KONG CCC is one of the largest and most technologically advanced carrier neutral data center facilities in Hong Kong and in the Asia Pacific Region.

Telehouse Hong Kong CCC is a Tier 3+ purpose-built data center facility is strategically located in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong where around 19 km from the Central Business District and approximately 30 minutes from the Hong Kong International Airport. With virtually no risk of natural disasters in the vicinity, TELEHOUSE HONG KONG CCC is ideal for securing mission-critical business systems.

TELEHOUSE HONG KONG CCC service provides multinational corporations and local businesses in Hong Kong with neutral, secure and power-protected co-location facilities. It offers full end-to-end ICT Solutions from design to implementation such as IP connectivity, system integration, LAN and software installation, system monitoring and virtual servers as well as premium data centers.

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Site Tour Details

Date 12 October 2012 (Full, next round will be arranged in Nov / Dec 2012)
Time 1:45pm - 5:00pm
Meeting Point Exit D, Kowloon Tong MTR Station (To Fuk Road, Transportation is provided)
Target Audience Data Center Operators, Consultants, Facilities Managers, E&M Engineers, Government / Corporates' IT Management, etc.
Fee Waived and Exclusive for Participants of Training Seminars
Enrollment Registration can be made during the training seminars or sent to for reservation by 7 days before the Site Tour held
Remark Business Card and HKID Card (or Passport) are required for the on-site registration
Should you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact (852) 3796 3026 / Kindly visit our website ( for further information.

General Guideline

- All visitors must submit full name (same as HKID) and working company to SMA for pre-registration
- All visitors must present their HKID and name card for on-site registration
- KDDI's representatives will conduct brief introduction and Q&A section before and after the Site Tour
- KDDI and SMA reserve the right to refuse any unexpected registration for the Site Tour
- In case of disputes, the ultimate decision will be reserved by KDDI and SMA

Courtesy Reminders :

- All visitors must wear and present their visitor passes during the Site Tour
- All visitors must return the visitor passes to the Reception Desk after the Site Tour
- Tour guides will accompany with all visitors during the Site Tour
- Smoking is prohibited
- Food and drinks are prohibited, except for designated dining area
- Photo taking and video recording are prohibited

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Energy Efficiency Certifications in Data Center

Striving for energy efficiency in your data center is not only a great way to reduce operating expenses and reduce the environmental impact of the facility, but it is a way to garner PR points as well. Energy efficiency certifications are a way to provide independent verification of your efforts, and although they can be “gamed,” they still provide some metric for a more objective evaluation of data centers.


What Your Certification Means

Whether you’ve earned an Energy Star, LEED, or some other certification, all you really have is an independent statement that your data center was at one time up to par according to a set of standards.

The very next day after receiving the certification—as far as anyone else knows—your facility may well have thrown all the energy efficiency measures out the window. Of course, when it comes to energy efficiency, that would make little business sense: lower energy consumption means lower operating costs. Furthermore, implementing energy-efficient practices often requires supporting infrastructure with its own capital costs, and not employing that infrastructure wastes the opportunity to recoup costs and even gain a return on the investment.

The following are several tips to consider for maintaining your certification.

  • Don’t make the certification your main goal.
  • Work toward the best efficiency you can achieve, not just the bare minimum for certification.
  • Keep track of changes in the certification standards.
  • Recertify as often as is practical.
  • Make energy efficiency an ongoing project, not just a task for the couple months before recertification time.
  • Stay informed about new energy efficiency technologies—and choose wisely among them.
  • Budget for energy efficiency.
  • Be honest about the meaning of certifications.

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