Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Data Centers and "One Belt, One Road"

With the aim to connect major Eurasian economies through infrastructure, trade and investment, President Xi Jinping launches the 13th 5-year plan and “One Belt, One Road” strategy which promote two international trade connections: The land-based "Silk Road Economic Belt" and oceangoing "Maritime Silk Road."

Source: globalconnections.hsbc.com

The “Belt” is a network of overland road and rail, oil and natural gas pipelines, and other infrastructure projects that run along the major Eurasian Land Bridges, through China-Mongolia-Russia, China-Central and West Asia, China-Indochina Peninsula, China-Pakistan, Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar.

The “Road” is a network of planned ports and other coastal infrastructure projects from South and Southeast Asia to East Africa and the northern Mediterranean Sea.

Source: greendatacenternews.org

Data Centers, the mission critical purpose-built facilities, take important role in the “One Belt, One Road” strategy. It serve users for telecoms, electronics and the Internet industries first, followed by companies that develop the Internet of Things, aiming to foster a hi-tech information industry cluster and to accelerate the enterprises' digital transformation such as mobility, cloud and big data.

Not only are they the essential infrastructure supporting various industries such as oil and gas, trading and finance, but also the catalyst for the development of new industries and applications that empower the economic growth.

China Mobile, for example, is building the largest data center in Northwest China. Located at the Karamay Cloud Computing Industrial Park, the mission critical facilities offer 119,000 sqm of floor space and capable of hosting 14,000 racks. The facilities in phase one, by the end of 2016, will offer 3,600 racks and start to provide the services.

Source: atkinsglobal.com

The data center not only boasts a strategic geographic position as it is located on the Eurasia Land Bridge, which is the rail transport route for moving freight and passengers overland from Pacific seaports in the Russian Far East and China to seaports in Europe, but also becomes a symbolic meaning taken by one of the key telecommunications players in the world and participate in the “One Belt, One Road” strategy.

Countries, investors and enterprises in engineering, critical facilities design, project consultant, construction, operations and management, etc., can take this opportunity to have their staff well trained, to offer quality services, required skills and management systems and to become one of the key infrastructure enablers during years.

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