Monday, October 28, 2013

The "water-based data center" by Google

A mystery structure being built on a huge vessel in the middle of San Francisco Bay that Google is turning its idea of a floating data center into a reality.

While Google did not confirm the development, CNET reports it has evidence suggesting the 'secret project' could be a Google sea-faring data center.

Google patented a 'water-based data center' in 2009, describing an environmentally friendly, sea-powered telecommunications and storage system:

"A system includes a floating platform-mounted computer data center comprising a plurality of computing units, a sea-based electrical generator in electrical connection with the plurality of computing units, and one or more sea-water cooling units for providing cooling to the plurality of computing units"

While it is hard to say for sure that the structure is in fact a floating data center at the moment, Google, the technology giant, has a history of putting data centers in places with cheap cooling, as well as undertaking odd and unexpected projects like trying to bring Internet access to developing nations via balloons and blimps.


Now for Sale - Training Manual of "HVAC Design and Cooling Specialist for Data Center Efficiency"


This is a training manual developed by a team of experienced Chartered Engineers (CEng). For data center operators and facilities managers, we help you to understand key challenges and consider different factors, from design, testing, commissioning, sustainability and efficiency, of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system for data centers.

In addition, the manual details the guidelines of data centers’ cooling criteria, HVAC load development, air distribution, liquid cooling, contamination, availability and redundancy, Computer Fluid Dynamic (CFD) model, energy efficiency, etc., from general theory to technical implementation.

To predict a data center’s power and heat loads over the years ahead is the hardest thing for data center owners. It introduces datacom power trends and cooling applications showing expected growth in power density for different types of computing equipment out to 2020.

Total Number of Page: 106
Total Number of Slide Contained: 204
Size: 210mm x 300mm x 10mm
Language: English
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Datacom Equipment Power Trends and Cooling Applications

(a) load trends and their applications
(b) air cooling and liquid cooling of computer equipment

Design Consideration

(a) design criteria and HVAC load
(b) computer room cooling and air distribution
(c) liquid cooling
(d) availability and redundancy
(e) integration with other MEP system
(f) controls and computer fluid dynamics

Testing and Commissioning

(a) air cleanliness test, heat load test
(b) factory acceptance test and site acceptance test
(c) integrated performance test (IST)

Sustainable Design

(a) combined heat power plant (CHP)
(b) solar, geothermal and evaporative cooling method
(c) air side economizers
(d) desiccant unit

Energy Efficiency

(a) power usage effectiveness (PUE)
(b) chilled water plant optimization
(c) water side and air side equipment
(d) part load operation
(e) controls and energy management
(f) LEED certified data center
(g) building energy code


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