Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Course in Air Conditioning System Design for Data Center

A data center houses hundred / thousand of IT equipment and servers for mission critical purpose. These IT facilities consume large amount of energy and generate heat during operations. Particular cooling strategies and power system design are therefore required for a data center.

This is an advanced learning section for data center design. It targets to engineers involved in designing or handling HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) equipment for mission critical facilities and data center projects.

We introduces various classifications of HVAC systems and the associated distribution systems for mission critical facilities. Each system type is evaluated based on the performance for energy efficiency, water use and comfort performance. Participants are able to make informed decisions about the best choices of cooling systems for mission critical applications and how system can best meet your project goal and SLA (Service Level Agreement).

The course highlights design principles such as psychrometric chart, cooling load calculation / estimation, etc. and the design considerations such as air distribution, availability and redundancy, common mistakes, Computer Fluid Dynamic (CFD) model, integration with MEPs (Mechanical, Electrical and Water Plumb), etc.

Overall we train participants to understand different factors, from design, testing, commissioning, sustainability and efficiency, that significantly impact the cooling system of data centers.

  • Datacom Equipment Power Trends and Cooling Applications
    • (a) load trends and their application
    • (b) air cooling of computer equipment
    • (c) liquid cooling of computer equipment

  • Design Consideration
    • (a) design criteria
    • (b) HVAC load
    • (c) computer room cooling
    • (d) air distribution
    • (e) liquid cooling
    • (f) availability and redundancy
    • (g) integration with other MEP system
    • (h) controls
    • (i) computer fluid dynamics

  • Testing and Commissioning
    • (a) air cleanliness test
    • (b) heat load test
    • (c) factory acceptance test
    • (d) site acceptance test
    • (e) integrated performance test (IST)

  • Sustainable Design
    • (a) combined heat power plant (CHP)
    • (b) solar cooling
    • (c) geothermal cooling
    • (d) evaporative cooling
    • (e) air side economizers
    • (f) desiccant unit

  • Energy Efficiency
    • (a) power usage effectiveness
    • (b) chilled water plant optimization
    • (c) water side and air side equipment
    • (d) part load operation
    • (e) controls and energy management
    • (f) LEED certified data center
    • (g) building energy code

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    "Air Conditioning System Design for Data Center" is an approved CPD course by Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).

    About the Organizer - SMA

    Strategic Media Asia Ltd (SMA) is one of the Approved CPD Course Providers of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE). SMA exists to provide an interactive environment and opportunities for members of IDC industry and engineers to exchange professional views and experience on data center design, critical infrastructure system, electrical and mechanical facilities, etc.

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