Monday, October 29, 2018

"Tier 3+" or "Tier 4-Ready" Data Centers?

This is usually found in some data center specifications: "Tier III+" or "Tier IV-Ready" *

Let's clarify: There is no such thing as "Tier III+" or "Tier IV-Ready" for large data centers. They are not granted by any organizations in data center / critical facilities like Uptime Institute or Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) - ANSI/TIA-942 **.

* The latest TIER IV-Ready Certification by the Uptime Institute is designed for modular data centers which enjoy the same level of reliability and resiliency that they have in their larger data centers.

** The term ‘Tier’ was used in the ANSI/TIA-942 Standard until the ANSI/TIA-942: March-2014 edition. In the March 2014 edition the term ‘Tier’ has been replaced by either ‘Rated’ or ‘Rating’.

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(2) Data Center Tier Levels and Uptime

The Uptime Institute issues Tier Certificates (Constructed Facility and Design Documents) for data center infrastructure. When a data center is accredited as Tier III Constructed Facility, the infrastructure, at the time of the site visit and demonstrations, should be "Concurrently Maintainable" and N+1 (N means Utility Power) with 1 active + 1 alternate distribution paths (electrical power backbone) and 2 simultaneously active critical power distribution.

One of the major different between Tier III and Tier IV infrastructure is the requirement of Distribution Paths - Electrical Power Backbone. Tier IV facilities require 2N / 2N+1 which means 2 electrical power backbone should be simultaneously active. It is nearly double the infrastructure of Tier III.

Although the Uptime Institute Tier Standard or the TIA-942 Standard does not require dual feeds from different power companies to achieve Tier IV standard, is it worth to build a Tier IV data center in Hong Kong?

The situation is different. Electricity supply in Hong Kong is highly reliable, exceeding 99.999%. The two power companies, CLP and HK Electric have adequate capacity and backup in electricity generation and in the transmission and distribution networks, which assured robustness and reliability of supply. A number of high-tier data centers are being serves by two utility feeds from different substations of the same power company.


A Tier IV infrastructure is nearly double of the Tier III. Thus most of the large data centers in Hong Kong are usually Tier III but leave rooms / spaces for adding facilities and expansion if required in the future (ready / upgradable to Tier IV standard).

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